Corona rapid test kits

Can I take tests myself in my company?

No, only trained doctors and nurses are allowed to conduct these tests. To ease the pressure on labs and doctors, we have one own testing service with trained personnel

Are these approved for sale?

Yes, all our tests have the necessary certificates and consents for commercialization in Belgium.

Are these tests reliable? (I heard quick tests are not reliable)

Yes, there can be a 2% difference in result between a PCR and a rapid test. A PCR can test someone positive as soon as the virus is present. A rapid test mainly looks at whether a person is contagious. For example, we can test asymptomatic people, in order to protect the company as much as possible from mass contamination in the event of a positive case.

Nitrile gloves (for medical use)

Dispenser column

FFP2 / KN95 masks

What exactly is a comfort mask

Our comfort masks with nose bridge are of a similar quality to the FFP2 / KN95. These can be reused several times and are more economical than the medical mouth masks that are only for single use. Due to the metal nose bridge, the connection at the height of the nose is optimal, so that fogging of glasses is avoided. Use: These can be worn for 5 days. This can then be set aside for 72 hours or 3 days, the time it takes for the virus to break down. Or a day in the sun. Disinfection spray is also always possible. After this, the mask can be reused.

How long can I wear the mask, how many times can I reuse it

These can be worn for 5 days. They can then be set aside for 72 hours or 3 days, the time it takes for the virus to break down to be reused. This can be accelerated by putting it in the sun for a day or by using alcohol disinfectant spray. 
The mask can be reused several times under normal use

How do I put on my mask?

Before putting on the mouth mask, it is recommended to wash your hands with soap or disinfecting alcohol. 
When putting on, it is recommended to only touch the elastics.
The nose bridge can be adjusted to ensure optimal connection.

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