Corona testing service for companies


We recommend leaving your employees in a safe manner to test by a nurse / nurse or medical representative. In case of a shortage of medical personnel, one or more internal team members can be trained.

This saves you and your company valuable time and ensures that your test has been correctly administered.

At location

Target price rapid test from 10 people; 31.50 € pp

Guide price for PCR testing from 10 people: € 62.00 pp

Roeselare test center

We are happy to prepare a personalized offer for larger numbers.

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In the following link you will find the instruction video again how the tests should be taken:

These tests ensure that you have results within 15 minutes and you are sure of a safe environment with corona-free employees.

All legal conditions and quality requirements are also respected.

This allows you to detect the virus quickly and effectively and you avoid unnecessarily long quarantines of suspected employees.

You can find more information about the tests here find.

Antigen rapid test

Sample order:



15 min


On-site with trained medical personnel

Goal: Conclusive (if positive, no other test required), preventive testing, screening company






Sample order:



Lab analysis 24h by clinical biologist


Test center or from 1

Purpose: Official certificate for travel, technical unemployment

After the test, the results serve registered to be via the government's corona app ( or to be kept on an overview list.

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